Makoto Inoue Makoto Inoue

Definition of: Makoto Inoue

  1. Web Developer (Ruby, Rails, Javascript, SQL, NoSQL, Data mining & visualisation)
  2. Blockchain/Smartcontract enthusiast (Ethereum)
  3. English - Japanese translator



A smart contract bounty smart contracts platform and won runner up of Thomson Reuters HackEthon.
Read the article for more detail.


Have you ever encountered free party or meetup and realised that half the people registered did not actually turn up? BlockParty solves this problem by providing a simple incentive for people to register only if they mean it.
Read the article for more detail.


Watch YouTube videos in bite sized steps. StepUp lets you clip interesting moments and mix with other videos to make micro video playlists.

Caption Tweets(2013)

Tweet every BBC EastEnders dialogue! The app was created during Digital Shorditch "Make and Do" challange. The slide is on speakerdeck.

Benkyo Player(2013)

Search interesting subtitles from MOOC(Massively Open Online Course)s, annotate, and share.

Interactive video visualisation of AKB48, Japanese girl band.


Stats is the new video controller! Possession based Interactive video player of 2011/2012 Premier League wining moment. Winning project at Sports Tech Hackday

Olympic Medal Rivalry(2012)

Visualise countries that shared same podium in the past olympics as a chord diagram. The app is featured in Guardian Data blog


  • Open Zeppelin = Secure blockchain smart contracts framework
  • Drip = Stream based storage system written in Ruby
  • MoreRinda = Extension of dRuby

My Own

  • haystack.js = JSON inspector in Javascript
  • forest = Text based graph visualizer in Ruby
  • japanize = Simple Ruby library to calculate numbers in Japanese
  • wsbench = WebSocket Benchmarking library in Ruby and Golang
  • dm-tokyo-cabinet-adapter = Tokyo Cabinet Datastore ORM (deprecated)

Event Organising


  • Extreme Data Visualisation with d3.js at Bacon Conf 2013(slide, video)
  • The Joy of d3.js at London D3.js meetup (slide, blog post)
  • "Rails Is A Follower: what we can learn from dRuby's metaprogramming magic" at Ruby Conf 2012 (video)
  • “Data Viz as interface?” at Strata EU Ignite (slide)
  • “Evolution of Olympic Data Viz” at London Data Visualization Meetup (slide)
  • “Programming 101 with Storify” at Mozfest (slide)
  • “The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and what you can do as a Rubyist ?” at Japan Ruby Kaigi (video) and Twitter Developer Nest.
  • “Ruby and Japanese” at London Ruby User Group (slide, video)
  • “Tokyo Cabinet” at nosqleu(slide, video), and London Ruby User Group
  • “Real Time Web, WebSocket, and Pusher” at Scottish Ruby Conference (slide, video) and Japan Ruby Kaigi
  • Node.js and WebSocket at London Javascript Meetup Group (slide, video)

Writings and Translation

I occasionally write at my Japanese blog or my employer’s blog.

Translation: “The dRuby Book: Distributed and Parallel Computing with Ruby”

Learn from legendary Japanese Ruby hacker Masatoshi Seki in this first English-language book on his own Distributed Ruby library. You’ll find out about distributed computing, advanced Ruby concepts and techniques, and the philosophy of the Ruby way-straight from the source.

  • Benkyo Player = My startup. Augmenting MOOC(Massively Open Online Course)s with subtitle search and more.
  • Bethnal Green Ventures = Benkyo Player is part of the seed accelerator program.
  • New Bamboo = My previous employer. New Bamboo is a specialist in agile development using Ruby, Rails and HTML5. Projects ranging from startups to global brands. Also the incubator of Pusher and Panda Stream.
  • Storify = Helped building their analytics system as well as represented as a Human API during Mozfest
  • = Ushahidi Japan deployment after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. I was involved as a member of translation team and helped translating the site, as well as help spreading our work in English media.
  • The Pragmatic Bookshelf = My publisher for the book I translated.
  • ScraperWiki = Contributed a Japanese blog post.
  • A big investment bank = I worked for 8 years as a database administrator. During the time, I administered hundreds of MSSQL, Oracle, Sybase databases, as well as lead a team of database group.